1% Listing Fee in Tri Cities Real Estate Listings

Tri-Cities  Realtor  Brandon Patton - 1% Listing Fee - Save Thousands - Discount Listing

The Tri-Cities Real Estate Market is a little crazy right now. Yes, you can sell your home for a record high netting you a great return on your investment! However, what do you do when your home sells and you get a huge check? Buying your next home is a big decision and with how much home prices have gone up some people wonder if now is a good time to buy another home.

This is what I have noticed and I think most Tri-Cities Real Estate Brokers would agree. Just a few years ago the starting price point for a first time home buyer in Tri-Cities was around $150,000. Now it seems like the same house that sold for $150,000 in 2005 is now selling for…

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