Brandon Patton | Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker

Brandon Patton| Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker

It’s finally January 2021 and it’s time to start looking at how the Tri-Cities Real Estate Market will look over the next 12 months. According to the Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker Brandon Patton with Real Estate Market Leaders we are entering 2021 with a huge housing shortage. At this time there are a bunch of buyers actively searching for Tri-Cities Homes for Sale but there are very few affordable options. Houses are selling within a few days of being listed for sale and they are receiving multiple offers.  The Tri-Cities Real Estate Market should be making a huge shift as Spring Rolls around. 

 There have been a few major developers making plans to start building in 2021 and this will add a bunch of really nice homes for sale in the Tri-Cities. The mores that are added to the Real Estate Market then the more you will see prices start to stabilize. Now is a great time to list your home for sale to prepare for a move during the Summertime of 2021. To make a competitive offer on a home you want to make sure that you do not need to make the offer contingent upon the sale of your home. Therefore, if you are able to get your home sold now you will cash out your equity in your home and be ready to close on your next purchase. Now is a great time to sell your home to gain a record sales price for your neighborhood. 

 If you are interested in new construction then selling your house now and moving into a rental would make the process run much smoother. For Example, if you list your home for sale right now you can expect to be closed on your transaction and moved out within 45 to 50 days. Then you will be ready to start your home search for Tri-Cities Homes for Sale and you can make an offer that has no pending sale contingency. When you have your equity from your home sale sitting in your bank account and ready to be used on your next purchase your offer will look much better than other buyers who have not even sold their home yet.

 If you are thinking about moving this year then now is a great time to get a Pre-Approval letter. With tax season upon us you can easily use your updated tax documents to transfer that info over to your mortgage broker. Also, you can have a discussion with your CPA and decide if it is a good idea to be as aggressive with tax write-offs or if you are better off reporting more income to improve your debt to income ratio. The fact that we are still seeing record low-interest rates for mortgages means that you will likely qualify for a higher mortgage. Getting your pre-approval done now will help you set up a budget so you can decide what price range of the home is perfect for you.

If you have a home that you need to sell located in Tri-Cities then working with Brandon Patton can save you a lot of money when you list your Tri-Cities Home for Sale. Brandon would be glad to visit your home and create a free market report telling you what your home would sell for in today’s Tri-City Real Estate Market. After your meeting with Brandon, you will know what your home will sell for and how much you can expect to walk away with after closing. Brandon only charges a 1% listing fee when he lists homes for sale so this will net his average clients $8,000 more when they sell their home using him as their Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker

It does not matter if you need to buy or sell a home. Brandon Patton with Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders would be glad to help you with your next Real Estate transaction. Brandon has worked as the Designated Broker/Owner of his Real Estate Company for 10 years. As an Independent Real Estate Company, he is free from Franchise Rules. He is a 100% Veteran Owned business he can make buying or selling a home in Tri-Cities easy. If you would like to start looking at homes for sale in Tri-Cities online then visit his website at




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