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610 W 12th St, Benton City Wa 99320

610 W 12th St, Benton City Wa 99320

If you would like to see this home then Brandon Patton with Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders would be glad to show you this home anytime. If you would like to see other Benton City Homes for Sale please browse all of the listings on my Benton City Real Estate website. Brandon has provided 3 different websites that show Benton City Homes for Sale below. Check them out and see what website you like the most. If you need to sell a home before you can buy a home then Brandon would be glad to tell you about his 1% listing fee option that he has. 

If you are thinking about buying a home in Benton City then this is a great opportunity to make an affordable purchase. Check out this Video Tour!  This home is…

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Pasco Homes for Sale

6609 W PARK ST, Pasco Wa | Pasco Home for Sale

If you are looking for a home located in Pasco Washington then this could be the perfect home for you. This house is located next to the Colombia River and offers easy access to the River Front paths the run along the entire Colombia River Banks. If you are into bike riding or going on Jogs or Walks then this house offers a unique opportunity to access to miles of River Trails without starting your car!

Detached Garage | Pasco Real Estate | 6609 W PARK ST, Pasco Wa 99301

This house has a large 24 by 26 detached garage that has room for an RV or a boat on the side. Also, as you can see there is a gate that leads to a "lay down" storage area for extra parking for your toys. 

RV Parking or Boat Parking | 6609 W PARK…

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1131 Appaloosa Way - Richland Homes for Sale

1131 Appaloosa Richland Wa 99352 | Richland Homes for Sale | Richland Video Tour

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Richland Washington then Brandon Patton with Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders would be glad to help you. When you list your Richland Homes for Sale with Brandon Patton he will provide you with a free Video Drone Tour similar to the property that is featured above. If you are interested in buying a home when he sells your house then visit his website that shows all Richland Homes for Sale and sign up for notifications when new houses hit the market. The Richland Real Estate Market is kinda crazy right now with the low inventory and the high demand from an increased number of buyers trying to buy a house…

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Brandon Patton | Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker

Brandon Patton| Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker

It’s finally January 2021 and it’s time to start looking at how the Tri-Cities Real Estate Market will look over the next 12 months. According to the Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker Brandon Patton with Real Estate Market Leaders we are entering 2021 with a huge housing shortage. At this time there are a bunch of buyers actively searching for Tri-Cities Homes for Sale but there are very few affordable options. Houses are selling within a few days of being listed for sale and they are receiving multiple offers.  The Tri-Cities Real Estate Market should be making a huge shift as Spring Rolls around. 

 There have been a few major developers making plans to start building in 2021 and this will add a bunch…

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Tri Cities Homes for Sale Zillow

Large Corporations like Google and Facebook seem to be making headlines a lot lately for violating Sherman Anti Trust Laws.

It seems like the year 2021 will be the year full of Sherman Anti Trust Lawsuits. It's no secret large corporations like Facebook are being accused of Anti Trust Violations for buying out their competitors in an effort to control the market shares. The newest information that was just released indicates that Google may be involved with some Anti-Trust lawsuits in 2021 themselves. The thing that is irritating is that these large companies put off fake news projecting themselves to be something that they are not. For Example, look at Zillow and what they have done to the Real Estate Industry across America. First of all, they…

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Home Buying Process - Tri Cities Homes for Sale 

#1. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage 

    The First Step to take to buy a home is to look at what you can afford. The best way to decide a good budget is to reach out to a local mortgage broker from a trusted local company. If you are not familiar with any good local mortgage brokers, then now may be a good time to reach out to a local Real Estate Broker (Realtor) and ask them for a recommendation for someone who is easy to work with.

    When you get your pre-approval letter from a local mortgage broker, they will look at your last 2 years' of IRS taxes that you filed and see what you reported for income when you filed your taxes. They will also ask for your last 2 weeks’ pay stubs. If you are working with a friend or family member as your…

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Why Rent when you can Buy?

Now is a great time to start looking for a home for sale in Tri-Cities. If you are looking at Rental Homes at this time then maybe now is a good time to ask yourself why don’t you just buy a home instead of renting a home?

Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders have spoken and they all agree that it is much smarter to buy a home in the Eastern Washington Area than it is to be a Tenant. There are some national headlines that use sources like Zillow to look at large cities like Chicago or New York City to compare the cost of owning a home VS the cost of renting a home. However, those larger cities collapsed in the housing market due to the prices of homes rising so fast that nobody could afford their mortgage so the buyers disappeared causing…

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