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Large Corporations like Google and Facebook seem to be making headlines a lot lately for violating Sherman Anti Trust Laws.

It seems like the year 2021 will be the year full of Sherman Anti Trust Lawsuits. It's no secret large corporations like Facebook are being accused of Anti Trust Violations for buying out their competitors in an effort to control the market shares. The newest information that was just released indicates that Google may be involved with some Anti-Trust lawsuits in 2021 themselves. The thing that is irritating is that these large companies put off fake news projecting themselves to be something that they are not. For Example, look at Zillow and what they have done to the Real Estate Industry across America. First of all, they bought out their competition, "Trulia". Then they hired a bunch of people to do SEO to try to control the Google Search Results. Its obvious that Zillow and now Trulia wanted to own as much of the organic search results as possible so they could sell leads to Realtors. Their business model was simple. If you can control the top 10 Google Search Results, then you can capture people’s information that are looking at the content on your website and sell it to local business owners that want more clients. This creates a business model that allows Zillow to Display Homes for Sale that are listed by Realtors then take potential buyers' information and sell it to Realtors who live in the area.

If you read Google's public announcements that they release they say they want to connect people with local business owners. They claim to want to connect Google users with local relevant search results. However, if you look at how Zillow operates it is a direct violation of everything that Google says they claim to accomplish. In fact, if you type in any of the keywords into Google such as Homes for Sale or Real Estate you will see that the top 10 results are not locally owned business owners in the community. Instead, the search results have turned into national companies paying billions of dollars to steal information from people on their website and sell it to the highest bidder. So, why does Google claim to want to connect people with local business owners? It appears they say that but they actually connect people with National Companies who steal content from local business owners and sell it back to the highest bidder. Brandon Patton with Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaderscollected all of the Google videos explaining how the search algorithms are supposed to work. If you watch the videos you will see Google says they do not endorse the idea of charging people money for links. However, that is all Zillow is about. After all, Zillow is not the local Real Estate Broker who listed the house for sale and they are not the local agent working in the community. You would think Google would erase all of the national companies that only sell information from their website and display local Realtors' information instead.

Companies like Real Estate Market Leaders located in Kennewick Washington have websites that truly do comply with everything that Google says they want in a local small business. Brandon Patton created this company that features Tri-Cities Homes for Sale and he is a designated Broker/Owner of a Real Estate Company. If you are trying to work with a local professional in Real Estate and you use Google to Search the term Local Real Estate Broker you would think Google was trying to connect you with a local Realtor with the most qualifications? Brandon Patton has an MBA Degree and has sold over 500 homes in Tri-Cities but instead of reaching Real Estate Brokers like Brandon Patton you will be connected with whatever Realtor pays Zillow the most money to be featured on their website as a local professional. After Zillow started dominating the SERP results and buying their competition that was not enough. They decided to allow people to post For Sale by Owner Homes right next to Realtors listings that they pay membership fees for to get access to IDX feeds from the local MLS. So, somehow Zillow talked MLS boars into giving them access to their MLS data then using the content from the Realtor's work to post homes for sale by the owner with the MLS Feed. This was a huge blow to the Realtors who paid to be members and signed contracts to work together to help clients in the local community. Basically, it made it so a person could post their home for sale by owner and rank higher in Google SERP results than a broker who has worked in the profession for 20 years and managed their own website.

Hopefully, Google will see that Real Estate is a local subject and that companies like Zillow should not scrape content from local Real Estate Brokers. Local Companies Like Real Estate Market Leaders do not ask anyone to register on their website and they do not sell people information so that solicitors can try to make money from the web traffic. Local Real Estate Brokers websites allow agents to text their client listings and their clients can create saved searches so they get updated when new houses hit the market that fit their search criteria. A lot of these National Media Companies Like Google, Facebook, and Zillow and made a lot of money of selling people's personal information, and hopefully, the year 2021 makes these national corporations re-evaluate their business model.

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