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Real Estate Virtual Tours

Real Estate Virtual Tours can set your home apart from the competition. Statistics show that 90 Percent of Home Buyers start their home search online. That means the first impression that people get about your home is the picture that you’re Real Estate Agent has taken. If you have high quality photos and a great Virtual Tour your home will get more showings. More showings means more offers!

Real Estate Market Leaders takes great pride in providing the highest quality Virtual Tour Available on the Market! We use the same camera equipment that Google Earth uses to shoot Google St View. This allows clients to virtually point and click their way through your home. So, if you believe in Marketing and you want a Virtual Tour and Photographs that show that your biggest investment is work purchasing then maybe you should ask your Realtor what kind of equipment they use to represent your asset!

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 A 360 by 360 Virtual Tour takes some time to set up the correct way. To give you more information about how a 360 by 360 Virtual Tour is set up I would like to go into details about the industry standards. First of all it seems that most agents are using their phone or a point and click camera to shoot still images of homes. The first step to creating a Virtual Tour is using a DSLR camera that allows the Photographer to change out the lenses. Most Real Estate Photographers will use a Wide Angel lens and a Fish Eye Lens. They will also carry around a few large flashes and a hood for their flash to eliminate burn.

When shooting a Panoramic Photo you will need a Sigma 8mm lens. This lens cost over $1,000. Then you will need a Tri Pod and a Nodal Rotator. The Nodal Rotator allows the Camera to sit on the Tri Pod and to rotate 360 Degrees. The Goal is to shoot 4 photos from one Nodal Point. This allows the entire area surrounding that point to be included within one Photo. Well, almost one photo. It will be 4 different photos that need to be stitched together using software to create 1 Panoramic Photo that completes a 360 degree circle. After the 4 photos are stitched together they will need to be ran through software to correct for distortion if no additional modification are needed. Meaning, that at this point if you need to Photoshop anything then I would do the brushing or light adjustments before you upload your Panoramic Photo into the Virtual Tour Software.

After you have created your first Hot Spot you are ready to start linking Hot Spots Together. To do this you will want to find the best way to navigate through your tour from start to finish. For Example, I like to start my first Hotspot (Pano) at the front of the house. I then like to create my second Hotspot within the threshold of the entryway. Then depending on the floor plan things can change up a bit. Do you want your clients to go into the kitchen? Maybe, they should go upstairs?

The great thing about a 360 by 360 Virtual Tour is that the Buyer has options. The tour is not supposed to look like a slide show. The tour is supposed to look like Google St View. If the Buyer wants to click on the front door then that is where they will go. Then when they are in the house they are supposed to see everything within the house and have the ability to walk through the house as they choose!

The person creating the tour can create a spin so that people are looking around without too much tech stuff getting involved. The problem with creating a virtual tour that has not guidance or action is that the person viewing the tour may not understand how to navigate through the home.

To create a good virtual tour you will need about $5,000 in equipment and a lot of patience. These tours take time and patience reflects quality.