Tri-Cities Commercial Real Estate

Brandon Patton created this page to help people browse through Tri-Cities Commercial Real Estate Listings. This page will display Commercial Real Estate from an IDX feed from the Tri-Cities Association of Realtors. Therefore, you will see all Commercial Properties that are available in the MLS. There is a huge price difference between listings due to the fact that some of these listings are Tri-Cities Commercial Properties for Sale and others are Tri-Cities Commercial Properties for Rent. Also, the IDX feed covers most of Eastern Washington since a lot of smaller cities in Washington State are joining the Tri-Cities Association of Realtors since we merged into PAC MLS.

Tri-Cities Investment Properties

If you are a Real Estate Investor or if you are thinking about becoming a Real Estate Investor then this page will be useful for you. In most cases when a Real Estate Investor is thinking about buying an Investment Property, they would be interested in looking at the Cost of their Investment and calculating their Return on Investment. If you are a Tri-Cities Real Estate Investor then you have a few paths to choose from to find properties that could Cash Flow and generate Residual Income over time. 

What is Net Operating Income?

When you look at the definition of the Net Operating Income (NOI) it makes you realize that the type of property can change and the formula for calculating your profit will remain the same. For Example, the Net Operating Income is adding up all of the Rental Income that you will make from a property then dividing it by all of the expenses that the property will cost to maintain the property. If you buy a property that produces $50,000 a year in Rent you will need to subtract items like your mortgage payment to see what your profit margin will be. If you buy a Tri-Cities Multi-Family Unit like a Duplex, 4 Plex, or an Apartment building you can use the same principles of NOI that would be applied to a strip mall. 

Tri-Cities Commercial Real Estate

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