Tri-Cities First Time Home Buyer Program

Tri-Cities First Time Home Buyer

If you want to use a Tri-Cities First Time Home Buyer Program to purchase a home then this website will show you all of the homes that qualify for the program. If you're not really sure what city you would prefer to live in or if you would rather just see all of your options then go ahead and browse through the listings that you see below and if you see anything you like make sure you let Brandon Patton with Real Estate Market Leaders know what the MLS Number is so he can help you gather more information about the property to help you make an offer using the Down Payment Assistance Program. 

How to qualify for the Tri-Cities Down Payment Assitance Program?

  1. The buyer must have 1% down towards the purchase to qualify for up to $10,000 in down payment assistance. 
  2. The buyer must not have owned a home within 3 years before applying for the down payment assistance program.
  3. The buyer must plan on living in the home for 6 years. After six years of occupancy, the down payment assistance loan will be forgiven. However, if you sell the house prior to the six-year the loan will need to be repaid from the seller's proceeds at closing. 
  4. The buyer must complete a Washington Housing Finance Commission online class. You can complete the First Time Buyers class online here.
  5. The buyer must fill out the First Time Home Buyer Assitance Application.  It's a good idea to communicate directly with the program administrator from the city you are planning to live in. For Example, the City of Richland Down Payment Assistance Program has a different point of contact than the City of Kennewick Down Payment Assistance Program. Also, the City of Pasco Down Payment Assitance Program has their own department that helps facilitate first-time homebuyers programs. As your Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker, Brandon can help with this process. 
  6. The buyer must get a pre-approval letter from a lender.

Are there Restrictions for the First Time Home Buyer Program?

Yes, there are restrictions on the buyer's income and the amount they can spend on the house.

Income Restrictions 

1 person $43,400 Max Income per household 

2 people $49,600 per household

3 People $55,800 per household

4 People $62,000 per household

5 people $67,700 per household

6 people $71,950 per household

If you have more people than this in your family please review additional information on the application.

When you start your search for a home that will qualify for the first-time homebuyer program it has to be at or below $243,000 if it is located in Richland or Kennewick if it is an existing Home.

If the home is located in Pasco it can cost up to $247,000 if it is an existing home. 

The program allows buyers to spend more money if the home is new construction. For Example, if the house is new construction and it is located in Kennewick or Richland the buyer can spend up to $263,000.

If the home is located in Pasco and it is new construction the buyer can spend $260,000.

The homes listed for sale below should qualify for the first time home buyers program. However, please verify the info with Brandon Patton with Real Estate Market Leaders before starting to make an offer. Brandon will look at the age of the house and see if it fits into the requirements for the condition of the property. 

If you buy a manufactured Home you must make sure the home is on its own land and tied down.

Tri-Cities First Time Home Buyer Program