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Brandon Patton is the Designated Broker and Owner of Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders locate in Kennewick Washington. He created Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders to break away from the standard way of doing business. In fact, you will not find another Real Estate Company in Tri-Cities that offers the same deals that Brandon Patton can offer you when you decide to buy or sell a home. When you list your home for sale in Tri-Cities Brandon Patton only charges a 1% listing fee. This saves his average client over $7,000 when they list their home for sale with Brandon Patton. Brandon Patton has been a Tri-Cities Real Estate Broker for over 10 years. If you would like more information about a Tri-Cities First Time Home Buyer Program then Brandon would be glad to help you get pre-approved and ready to start your home search for Tri-Cities Homes for Sale


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Real Estate Market Leaders

Real Estate Market Leaders is located in Kennewick Washington. We are member of the Tri Cities Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. If you live in the Tri- Cities or a surrounding community then we would be glad to help you buy or sell a home. Our Service area is all of Benton County, Franklin County and most of Yakima County. If you are thinking about moving then we would be glad to help you determine the list price of your home and assist you through the process of picking out your next home. We make selling your home and buying your next home easy.

Designated Broker/Owner - Brandon Patton MBA

Our Real Estate Brokers are free to set up whatever listing agreement they want to when they list a home for sale in Tri-Cities. Most of our Brokers will offer a 1% listing program if you plan on buying another home when they sell your home. Our brokers retain most of their commissions on sales. Larger Franchise offices charge their Real Estate Brokers twice as much when they sell a home. Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders takes pride in the fact that our brokers retain 80% of their commissions with no Franchise fees or Marketing Fees. Also, our brokers cap at $10,500 per year. Therefore, they go to 100% commission when they have paid Real Estate Market Leaders their cap. If you were to research how other brokers are paid from large franchise companies you would see that most of their brokers are on a 60/40 split with a $27,000 cap. Why do brokers agree to pay the office majority of their income? If you are thinking about getting into Real Estate then Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders would be glad to tell you how we are different than every other Real Estate Office in Tri-Cities. 

Portrait of Brandon Patton, Designated Broker/Owner

Brandon Patton

Designated Broker/Owner

If you are looking for a Home for Sale in Tri-Cities then our Real Estate Brokers would be glad to help you find a home Tri-Cities Home for Sale.

Tri Cities Real Estate Market Leaders- Realtors®

With years of experience helping Tri-Cities clients just like yourself, we know how to locate the finest properties and negotiate the best deals. It's our job to know about the latest market conditions, government regulations, and upcoming developments — so that you don't have to. If you are thinking about buying or selling a house in the Tri Cities then we would be happy to help you. We cover all of Benton County, all of Franklin County and most of Yakima County.


Brandon Patton created this website to feature all of Residential Real Estate in Tri-Cities. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Tri-Cities then the chances are that you already have your favorite area picked out. It funny that most people who have lived in the Tri-Cities for a few years will be very particular to one area. For Example, if you grew up in West Richland chances are that you would prefer that you purchased a West Richland Home for Sale instead of a West Pasco Home for Sale. Even though West Richland and West Pasco are less than 8 miles apart people will pay much higher prices on homes for sale in West Richland compared to the prices on Homes for Sale in West Pasco. Anyway, instead of looking through listings that you don't like why not just look at homes for sale that will capture your attention?

This website was designed to organize all of the Tri-Cities MLS listings into categories that most buyers would search within. If you would like to get very specific and search by subdivision then you can restrict the search results to only view homes for sale in the neighborhood that you like. 

The following homes for sale in Tri-Cities are the newest listings that hit the Tri-Cities Real Estate Market. These search results are designed to show you any price range or area all mixed together based on whatever the newest listings are to be listed for sale in Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, West Richland, Benton City, Prosser, and the Tri-Cities surrounding areas.

If a home is listed for sale in Tri-Cities it will appear on this site within seconds. I like to check back with this search page to see the newest listings. These search results will organize the newest listings first and as your scroll, through listings, you will work your way to homes that have been on the Tri-Cities Real Estate Market longer. 

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New Listings sell fast! Did I say fast? I mean they sell Really Fast! If you are series about buying a house then it's a good idea to get notifications when new houses hit the market that fit your search criteria. The best deals on the market will sell the same day that they are listed. Therefore, it's not uncommon for a home to be listed for sale in Tri Cities at 9am and already have it's first showing by 10:30 a.m with an approved offer by 5pm. If you are looking at homes priced below $450,000 it is a great idea to get e mail updates as new houses hit the market. Another great feature about getting market updates e mailed to you is that it will give you an idea of home prices in the area and how long it is taking to sell homes in Tri Cities. Also, you can schedule showing or request more information right from the email update.

List With Brandon Patton - Tri Cities - Real Estate Market Leaders

If you are thinking about listing your home for sale to buy another home then take a minute to reach out to Brandon Patton with Tri Cities Real Estate Market Leaders to allow him to explain how he can save you Thousands of Dollars. Brandon Patton with Real Estate Market Leaders has some unique listings opportunities. For Example, when you list your home for sale in Tri Cities then Brandon Patton charges you a 1% listing fee on the listing brokers fees. Then he helps you find another home for sale in Tri Cities and sets up both closings to occur on the same day. This makes the moving process easy and on average clients save $7,500 on listing fees. Also, clients get an added bonus with a closing gift that is much better than any other Real Estate office in Tri Cities.

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